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  Military Sign-Up

 In order for our members to write you we like for them to know a little about who they are writing so we ask that each military man or woman who signs up furnish us with the following information to be put into our database:

    Ø      Name, Rank, Address and email address

Ø      Brief bio about yourself such as where you from, school activities, branch service, how long been in, future plans with military, likes, dislikes, birth date, any allergies to any foods?

Ø      Let OSS know of any address change you have in the future

Ø      Let OSS know if you feel harassed in any way by our members

Ø      Let others troops know about OSS

        We will get your name out and believe me we are very secure with your information, it is not posted on the internet for others to see.  We believe that you have a right to privacy and we honor the right to protect that.  Thanks for signing up with us and we will get your name out to a member or two very soon. 

Sign up below this offer to Military men & women:

Throughout its 140-year history, Union Pacific has consistently supported the military by its efforts to move troops and supplies across the country to major military depots during times of war and peace. Just as important are the thousands of former and active military personnel who have made careers at Union Pacific when their tour of active duty has been completed.

We want you to be part of our team, just like the 219 veterans UP hired in '05 and the 84 employees currently serving in active duty.

Check out our current listings and apply now. (See View Positions). Your completed application is the first step toward joining our team.

When do I apply? How long does it take?
Military Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional questions about transitioning or career interests? E-mail our HR Military Contact.


  Active Duty G I Bill Information

 Selective Reserves G I Bill Information

Pioneer Military Loans


If ever you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]



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