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 Boycott Citgo Gas Stations


Find information about obtaining a VA Home Loan for your next home purchase

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  Welcome to Operation Soldier Support a web based group that has been supplying names of Military men and women to citizens since 1999.  If you would like to be a part of our group then look at links above to see what you need to do.  We do not charge a fee to get a name of a Military man or woman but do require that you furnish us with your name and address to get a name.  If you do not follow the rules on the join page you will not get a reply back from us.




A song called Soldier click here to hear it.  Very good...




"Remember Those Who Count"

By Joni Bour, Veterans History Project volunteer

  I meet all kinds of extraordinary veterans with my work. Sometimes I think I can pick the war they served in just by how they look and how they act. There are the old soldiers who often wear a record of their service on a ball cap and often belong to fraternal organizations of veterans, now they served in World War II. These gentlemen are distanced from their war and are likely to want to sit and talk about what they remember and seem more at peace than others.  There are younger ones who are tattooed and tanned and the least likely to want to talk to me, now they just came home from a desert war. These veterans are often very jumpy, won’t sit where they can’t see the door and never near a window.   (Read More

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